4. Gaetway

is both a place and the name of a group. Una is at its forefront. This is her world and it sits at the top of a mountain. It is high up, like Tibet and it’s cold up there. It is a plateau with a grid on it. The grid we will explain sometime.

Una-AnU (Wyrd, Wyrd-Mama)
goes by many names as you can see. She is first and foremost a mother. She created more alters than any of us and most of them were children. They are called Una’s Brood. They are her children.

She emerged at age 37 and was created by The Source. She and Shell (1) argue about who is the mother of Graham. The rest of us say they both are. It doesn’t really matter does it? Shell said that after giving birth to Graham she looked in the mirror and did not recognize her own face. She said she looked wild and had these big freckles on her face. She said too that she had to have had help through the birth. We gave birth at home without any drugs. We are a wimp when it comes to pain. But we agree with Shell. She had help and it was most likely Una because Una is very strong.

Archimedes (The Catalyst)
emerged when he was 42. He was created by Una and he has always been her “right hand man”. He has helped more than Una though. He is called The Catalyst because of his role with The Codes (6mf). He helped them unravel their “coding” and begin to heal.

We can always recognize his artwork as he was always drawing grids. Grids which reflected the top of Gaetway and the programming of The Codes. He is also an “intellectual”. He and Othel have many philosophical life discussions. They both belong to a newer group we call The IQ’s, which is a group for those of us who love learning new things and love talking about life with other people.

Archimedes created his own group, all insects, to help our system. We sometimes think of him as a magician or wizard, a Merlin type of guy. Interestingly, one of our pictures of him reminds us of our stepfather.

The Two Colettes: Colette I & Colette II (females)
Also known as “Mother’s Daughters”. They are birds and they were created by Split Face (The Mother Side). They emerged when Colette I was 10 and Colette II was 8. Now they are 21 and 18 respectively. Because of some of our painful issues around our mother they “disowned” her at one point. We drew a picture that we called “The Colette Suicides” that represented their disowning. However, most of us have not disowned her and are determined to work through the issues.

Split Face (The Lost Side & The Mother Side) (male)
Is a strange one indeed. He emerged at age 41. He was created by Una. Our abusers made us believe that they had planted a bomb inside our body and that it would explode if we told anyone about the abuse. Split Face helped deal with this.

We will try to tell you more later about why he has these two sides.

Evil Eye/I (The Inner Eye, The Black Hole in Maura, The Hole in the Fence, The
     Hole, The Eye of Power, Dead Spot) (male)
has a lot of different names as you can see. As we go through our journals we will tell you more about him. He emerged when he was 42 and was created by Una. To this day we do not totally understand him. At some point Una began to believe in an “evil eye” and created him. He is also called The Inner Eye and is an exact mirror image of Eye (1), also called “Outer Eye” who is one of The Observers (1). Are you confused enough yet?

The Grieving (3 females)
are three female alters created by Una to help grieve some events during abuse.  They emerged at age 45.

Archimedes’  Net:
All of these alters were created by Archimedes to help him in his work with other alters. Some of them are also seen in the Core-Mirror (Level 13) thus their names are spelled backwards and forwards.

Cater P. (“Cate”) (female)
emerged when she was somewhere between 13 and 16 years of age.  She is now 26. She’s a caterpillar.

The Emperor-RorepmE (male)
emerged when he was 43. He is now 58.

Geo (male)
also emerged at age 43 and is now 58. “Geo” is short for “geometrid, a moth.

The HecranoM-Monarch (female)
emerged at age 43, now 58. She is a Monarch butterfly.

KaliS  MoroW (male)
Emerged at age 43, now 58. He is a silk worm.

Nymph (female)
Emerged at age 12 and is now 24. She is the nymph stage of a butterfly.

The SucattA SaltA (male)
Emerged at age 43, now 58. He is an Attacus Atlas moth.

Ylf (YlfnogarD) (female)
Emerged at about age 7, is now 18. She is a dragonfly.

The SeibaBs-Babies (or “The Truths”) (3 females)
They were all created by Una.  They also were in The Core-Mirror Zone (Level 13) thus their names spelled backwards and forwards.

Baby Doll-LloD YbaB
emerged when she was under a year old. She was drugged and thus, “stoned” all the time.

Cinderella of the White Bear-AlleredniC of the RaeB EtihW
emerged when she was somewhere between 4 to 5 years old. She’s now 16. She was regularly ordered to clean up the place after abuse.

Jenny Ru-UR  YnneJ
Emerged at age 3 and is now 14. She was raped.

Una’s Brood almost all created by Una.
Badb (previously called Bad. Badb is the name of an Irish war goddess, a much more suitable name for this alter)
emerged when she was 10 and is now 25. She was abused by Michael. Badb had a very unique role for a while in that she became leader of The Juidith Warriors (all the children under 15 years of age). Her name was Juid when in this role.

Emerged much later than most of us. She emerged in June 2003 when she was about 9 years old. She is now 16. She dealt with some kind of suffocation, though we think it was more like drowning. Often when we say her name we say “Beth is Breath”.

Big (female)
Emerged when she was 8 or 9 years old and is now 24. Her role was to look after Daffodil who was then called Little and thus Big’s name.

Daffodil (previously Little) (female)
Emerged when she was 3 and is now 18. She was abused and witnessed other children being abused. She is a very dominant alter now. She comes out quite often and especially with Lance and Graham. She chose her new name.

Dead (female)
Emerged when she was about 11 or 12 years old and is now 23. She helped a number of us “die”, give up when the abuse was too overwhelming.

Elvira Madagain
Emerged when she was 12 and is now 26. She is one of Una’s eldest, along with Makkio. She was abused by Michael. She helped Badb create The Juidith Warriors.

Epiphany (female)
emerged when she was 4 and is now 11. Her purpose was to hold the lost (and true) magic of Christmas, thus her name which is “Little Christmas” on January 6. She used to be so tiny that you could hold her in your hand but not too long ago she decided she wanted to be normal size for an 11-year-old. She emanates light, like Empath (1), like a tiny star. She’s very sweet.

Hands-SadanaH (female)
Emerged when she was 7 and is now 21. She learned hand signals from the abusers. She rarely speaks but she now smiles a lot. Lance and Graham can tell when she is out, mostly by her smile.

Jigsaw (male)
emerged when he was 8 and is now 19. We are not sure of earlier abuse but later on he helped Badb. He pretty much follows her wherever she goes. The best way to describe him is he is like a green blur. He moves fairly fast, though not as fast as Jimmy Fast.

Jimmy Fast
emerged in 2003 at the age of 12. He is now 20. All we know about him is that Jigsaw created him and he carries a very tiny fragment of a memory of abuse.

Little Ruby
emerged when she was 3 and is now 14. When abused she created in her mind weapons (scissors, knives) to kill her abusers. She wears glasses and is often seen pushing them up on her nose. She also used to have a very runny nose and looked a little scruffy but cute. She loves watching soccer with Lance. Graham likes to call her “Little Dooby” in a very loud voice and it makes her giggle.

Makkio the Scout (male)
Emerged when he was 12 and is now 26. He is also one of Una’s eldest, besides Elvira. They are very close friends and often joined by Pearl and Badb. His role was, as his name says, to be a lookout for others of Una’s Brood, preparing them for abuse. He was also abused by Michael.

No Self (The Wall) (female)
emerged at age 10 and is now 25. She “contained” a lot of Una’s Brood to protect them.

Pearl (... of Wisdom) (female)
emerged at age 10 and is now 25. She was sodomized but also helped deal with other abuse by Michael.

Phoetus (Ice Blue Phoetus, Ice Cold Phoetus) (male)
is an “unborn” alter, thus his name. He is still unborn. We are not sure of the details of his creation.

Shana (female)
emerged at age 8 and is now 23. She dealt with some abuse.

The Shout (female)
emerged at age 9 and is now 25. She was created to help Serena and to express all human pain. Her shout can be heard all over the world.

The Terrible Twos  (or “The Beast with Two Backs”) (1 alter but both male & female)
emerged at age 7 and is now 18. Their role was to internalize all evil.