3. The Thirteen

Belle (Annabelle)
Emerged in 1992 at the age of 39. She was created by Gabriel. We don’t know the specifics of the abuse she endured. She is one of our fierce protectors, especially that of Tir and of the Children of the Thirteen. She loves to fix things, getting the screw driver out and screwing things together or pounding a few nails into wood somewhere. When we were younger than 10 she loved to take our record player apart, just to pretend she was fixing it. Probably would have liked to grow up to be a mechanic or something.

She hates sewing like the rest of us but is willing to do it if she has to. Which she does. .... When we ask her. ..... Which is not often.

Her name is that of a Southern “belle” but she is not feminine and dainty. You see her in a long dress of the old west but with big boots underneath and her hair pulled back, out of the way of whatever it is she’s doing. She’s a hands-on sort of person.

Black Widow (Gladys the Bitch)
Emerged in 1991 at the age of 38. She was also created by Gabriel. She has a wit that can be as biting as the crack of a whip. No funny stuff around her. Hell, she used to be called Gladys the Bitch but she definitely likes the name Black Widow even more. She likes what it implies.

She used to be so very angry, so full of rage. She is said to be the “second layer of Rage” while Razor Man and Griffin-CHLD hold the other layers. She is lesbian and considers herself overweight. We’re not so sure ... that she’s overweight.

When we were involved with Lance she made sure there was no “funny stuff” – no taking advantage of us okay. Though she didn’t need to worry. Lance is just not that kind of man. Still ... he felt warned.

She and Flash are pretty good buddies.

Flash (male)
Emerged in 1992 at the age of 39. Also created by Gabriel. He was photographed during abuse, thus the name. But also he likes to wear “flashy” things – all in black with glittery silver things all over. He is homosexual. And, sorry about the stereotype, but he does our hair. His own hair, black and straight, reaches to the bottom of his spine. He is so accommodating when it comes to our hair as he usually gets requests from Sixteen and Katy Ann as to how they want our hair to look. He never gets angry or tired of them asking for things. He is always patient and will try whatever they ask for.

He is also a fierce protector of Tir.

Gabriel the Archangel
Emerged in 1992. He was created by Tir and went on to create the other adults in The Thirteen plus Crystal. He is very tall and wears a brown cloak most of the time. He is someone to be scared of. One time we were threatened by phone by a cult (don’t ask) but Gabriel was not scared. (The rest of us were). He was absolutely furious. He will not let anyone wilfully harm us.

His abuse was being hung upside down for punishment.

He has worked closely with Old Self and The Controller, helping to create the city of Kereth.

Oregon (The Mute) (female)
Emerged in 1993 and also created by Gabriel. Obviously she doesn’t talk. However, she has been writing for many of us, especially in our journals. She was 12 when she emerged and is now 27.

Raven (the Body) (male)
Emerged in 1992, created by Gabriel. Yes, he is a “he” because Gabriel, who created him, believed that male children were somewhat safer than females and thus thought if he made our body male that somehow that would prevent us being abused so often. It was a child’s logic. You know – the sky’s the limit.

Razor Man
Emerged in 1990 with The Others. There is a lot of information about Razor Man. He was especially active during Emergence and for months afterward. He was very afraid of people knowing about the abuse and yet he was obviously in much pain then. He really wanted to be “leader” of us but we were not looking for one. We think it’s more that he wanted control of our emergence and of who we told about the abuse.

He did most of the cutting while Tir did a little. He used to love when we smoked, which was in our 20’s. Says he still misses it. He also misses us driving, especially when we drove a standard. When we began working with John, Razor Man wanted to threaten him a lot. But when we switched over to our psychiatrist, Lyn, everything changed. He felt that Lyn understood us and understood Razor Man’s need for some kind of power. She did not try to take it away from him, but rather acknowledged his pain. He immediately “fell in love” with her. She was the cat’s meow.

The Children of the Thirteen:

created the other children as she was the first to be created. They were created for a very serious situation of abuse that was overwhelming and needed six children to handle it. Crystal, Alexander and Tee Tee were the “main” children to be created and Corey, Nigel and T-Shadow were their shadows, to help them. Crystal was created by Gabriel.

Emerged in October 1992 when he was about 5 years old. He is now 18.

Corey (Crystal’s “Shadow”)
Emerged in early 1993 when she was 8 years old. She helped Crystal deal with the abuse. She is now 19.

Nigel (Alexander’s “Shadow”)
Emerged in January 1993 at age 5. He helped Alexander. He is now 15.

Timothy (Tee Tee)
Emerged in October 1992 when he was only a year old. He is now 10, soon to be 11 on Kids’ Day in March. Timothy, now called Tee Tee, is very active and has a strong relationship with our best friend Lance, our son Graham and our “therapist” and friend Sarah. Tee Tee is very excited about life now that he has healed from the abuse he endured. He has some great ambitions. You know – when I grow up sort of thing – even though that’s not quite reality. He loves the tv channel Animal Planet and wants to go to Africa and work with some people who do projects and programs with the animals. He also loves cooking, believe it or not. He is constantly learning how to make new dishes. He especially loves to make meals with Lance. He is also into cars, classic cars. He has a collection of toy ones, and a couple of books and a calendar of them. Every Christmas and Kids’ Day he asks for more to add to his collection.

Tee Tee has also been a great “big brother” to Stoene Boy (6st). He also loves soccer and hockey. He’s quite a kid.

T-Shadow (Tee Tee’s “Shadow”)
Emerged in January 1993 at age 1. He helped Tee Tee through the abuse. He is almost 10 years old. He has not been very active at all, stays in the background.