6mf. Mainframe


The Codes were a very unique group of alters. Before we knew of their existence we kept having images of cubes with one eye. We also kept getting thoughts about our molecular structure. Is that weird or what? But over and over a voice Inside would say “Our molecular structure is changing”. Then we began drawing the images, but still not knowing or understanding what the pictures meant. Eventually we did find out that these alters were cubes, not human. They were all abused by a group of people.

We mentioned in an earlier post that The Blue Ones were created to carry the emotions for some other alters. Those alters were The Codes. Because they were inanimate, they could not feel, which was what we needed. The abuse that happened to this group was too hard to bear, and we could not afford to feel any kind of emotion. So The Blue Ones were created to hold those emotions for our feelings could not be erased. Instead, they were stored away for a time when we were grown up and had a safe place to feel all of the fear and pain of those times. That’s what therapy was for. Amazing what the mind can do isn’t it.

An alter named David created all of The Codes. All of them emerged in April 1997.
Adrian and Arian  (also known as Code #6 & Code #7)
Were less than 2 years old when they emerged, the youngest of  The Codes. Adrian and Arian are twins. We were 3 when they were created. They are now 13 years old.

Blue (also known as Code #4, or Brain Child)
Was about 16 when she emerged. We have a drawing of her somewhere. She has funny hair that sticks up. Her role was to make us feel suicidal, so that when certain thoughts came up she would make us want to die. Fortunately other alters Inside us were able to prevent that from happening. She is now 28 years old.

Bone Bruised (also known as Code #1)
Was 44 when she emerged. She was drawn to the poet Sylvia Path, and her darkness. She liked to be called “Sylvia Plath Weber”, wanting so much to be like Plath. Her abuse caused her an enormous amount of psychological pain, right down to the very bone, the very marrow, thus her name. She has a long braid down her back. She is now 58 years old.

Brain (also known as Code #9, or sometimes as Philip though we don’t know why)
Was also 44 when he emerged and is now 58. We don’t know a lot about him yet but he had something to do with the structure of the system Inside.

Cast Iron Will (also known as Code #8, Cast Iron Fist, Cast Iron Wall or simply Will)
Was also 44 when he emerged and is now 58. Some refer to him as “The Black Wing Dove” as he internalized a person who tried to stop the abuse. In a sense he really was a wall that surrounded The Codes and protected them to some degree.

Place (also known as Code #5)
Was 44 when she emerged and is now 58. Her role was to be an ISH (Inner Self Helper) for The Codes. She had more knowledge about them and would help in any way she could.

Victoria (also known as Code #2, Ivory Steeled, Steeled Ivory, Steeled Ivy)
Was in her early 20’s when she emerged. Why all the names? She has never told us. She’s a strange one. She has eyes all over her body so she can see everywhere at once. It makes sense in terms of protection. But her main role was to cover up information, make sure no Outsider knew what was going on. That was also protection. She is now 34.

Voice-Mercury (also known as Code #3)
Is Victoria’s twin and was also in her early 20’s when she emerged. We think (but we’re not 100% sure) that her role was also to cover up information about the abuse by not speaking about it. She is also now 34 years old.


The 5 Quynns (also known as The Quintessentials, or The Wild Children)
Brain, one of The Codes, created these 5 children to help with the structure of The Codes. When they first emerged in January 1998 we guessed them to be between 11 and 14 years old. Eventually we figured out their ages. Now they are 21 and 22 years old. There are 3 females and 2 males.