Tuesday, March 20, 2012


it's still crowded in here ya know

We should have called it a "Coming Home" for that is what it felt like yesterday. As if we have drawn these ones closer to our heart, wrapped in our embrace, safe and warm forever. We had a really nice day yesterday. Peaceful. Comforting. Read for hours. Then Lance took us out to the bar where Graham works. Dinner and drinks. A celebration.

She is the one now who holds the 154. While she is only 20 years old she says she feels very grown up now and takes her responsibility seriously. We can feel those others inside her and it reassures us that they are very okay.

Yesterday we sent an email out to our friends, those we trust and who have honoured us, accepted us and made us feel safe telling our story. And those wonderful friends responded so warmly....

Awesome. Looking forward to the new you!!! I hope this makes you happy as well.

I wish all the best to you, Caer.
Thanks for introducing me to some of those who we are saying goodbye to. Thanks for trusting me to be a part of your wonder-filled web. I love that their spirits and wisdom will be with you when you need their support. I am in awe of your "forever" process.
Thanks to you guys. I too am sad, and wish them all well on this voyage.
Are you and ones remaining going to be okay?
I am very moved and happy/sad for you.
Wow ... this is huge! I didn't know you were doing this. Are you okay?  I am sooo glad you feel safe and can do this now.
This is a very pivotal moment and I wish you all the best with this new part of your journey.
OMG Caer this had me bawling. 154 of you have left. Yikes. How are the 28 remaining doing? The adjustment must be immense. Please look after each other. Such a massive change is going to have an impact on everybody.

this is what one friend has done for us. 154 ribbons. she says "Tomorrow I will find a tree to tie these ribbons to. The ribbons have a name of one of the 154 on each end. I will honour them with my gratitude for being a part of your life and thank them for the lessons they taught and the gifts they brought."

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